Looking for Driving Instructors in Kilkenny?

Below are links to the profiles of your local ADI driving instructors Kilkenny. Click through to learn more about them, the areas they cover, their experience, and the vehicle classes they cover.

Why Choose Leinster School of Motoring Driving Instructors Kildare?

Our team is made up of Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) specifically chosen for their effective and easy-going teaching methods. Whether you’re a nervous new driver looking for calm and patient instruction, or a confident learner looking for practical guidance, we adapt our methods to give you what you need from driving instructors. Kilkenny driving can be stressful and tricky- but our instructors can give you the skills and knowledge to master the road and feel confident behind the wheel. Contact your local driving instructor today to get started!

Areas Covered by Our Driving Instructors: Kilkenny City, Ballyragget, Castlecomer, Mooncoin, Callan, Thomastown and surrounding areas.