Reversing Around a Corner

How to Reverse Around a Corner for Your Driving Test

This is an acceptable way to reverse around a corner, performed by our instructor, Declan O’Brien.

Park parallel to the curb within 18 inches. Next, select reverse gear. Observe all around you before you begin, and give way to all other road users approaching you. Next, get your clutch bite and then release the hand break.

Begin reversing, keeping look out for approaching traffic to whom you must give way to. As you approach the bend, begin to turn, following the profile of the curb as seen in your left wing mirror, remembering again to give way to approaching traffic and road users.

Adjust the steering wheel to maintain an even gap between your car and the curb. When you’re around the curb, straighten your wheel and following back along the straight. It is important to keep up the observation, looking out for possible approaching road users. Keep reversing until you are told to stop by the driving tester.

Finally, pull up the hand break and select neutral.

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