Driving Lessons for Beginners

Are You Ready To Start Driving In Ireland?

We all have to start somewhere! The first step to getting your full licence is your first driving lesson.Driving Lessons for Beginners - Blog Graphic - 400x400

We know it can be daunting but all of our Driving Instructors are Local, Experienced and Friendly. Learning to drive should be an enjoyable and stress free experience! We want you to do well and enjoy driving- so you can Trust us to do our job and get you driving safely.

At Leinster School of  Motoring, we offer driving lessons for beginners across Driving Test Centres in Carlow, Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Meath, and Louth. Our driving school has a 97% pass rate! We’re committed to giving you the skills and confidence you need to pass your driving test and take to the roads safely.

Getting Started With Your Beginner Driving Lessons

Aims: Beginner Driving Lessons aim to get you familiar with the car controls and familiar with the basic manoeuvres of starting, moving, turning and stopping safely.

Question? We are often asked if this is covered under the mandatory EDT Course of Driving lessons.

Answer: The basics are indeed covered under EDT driving lessons, but if you have never been behind the wheel of a car before then it may be unrealistic and unsafe to expect a new driver without prior lessons or experience to be on a roundabout after just 2 hours as set out in the EDT driver training course.

Ask your ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) for advice on how to prepare for the EDT course. They may suggest reading, lessons or practice before you begin the EDT. We also recommend having a short chat with your instructor on the phone so that they can get a better understanding of your starting point. This way we can give you more personal recommendations and plan your first lessons to give you the best start possible.

Next Steps: This basic knowledge will give you the base to begin your EDT Driving Lesson Course which is a course of 12 Mandatory Driving Modules.

Picking a Driving Instructor

Instructors must be ADI Approved by the Road Safety Authority. These are the only professionals legally allowed to give Driving Lessons for Cars.

The RSA recommends that your instructor be Local to you and your preferred test Centre and that you get referrals or check them out on Facebook to see what others are saying. Give them a call and discuss your needs – are you in college and only available on weekends? Will they collect and drop you off? Do they offer Manual or Automatic or Jeep and Trailer Lessons?

All of our instructors are RSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). They specialise in their territories so you can be sure that you’re receiving local instruction that will help you both on the road and in your driving test. We enjoy a strong reputation with our students- they happily refer us to friends and family! Read some of their testimonials here or scroll down and see some below. 

Do you have to stay with the Same Instructor throughout your EDT? No, you can change Instructors at any point in your lessons. But we recommend that you carefully pick your instructor so you don’t have to change as this can cause a lot of disruption for you and may cause inconsistency with you – your instructors and your driving sponsor who helps you practice between lessons!.

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