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EDT Driving Lessons

Learn to Drive with EDT Driving Lessons from ADI Driving Instructors

The EDT Training Course of Driving Lessons is now Mandatory by Law. If you got your learner permit after the 4th April 2011 then it is mandatory that you complete the 12 EDT Lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). It’s the law and you cannot apply for your Driving Test until all 12 EDT Modules are successfully completed.

Learn to drive with EDT driving lessons from our experienced RSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). We offer EDT lessons in Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kildare and throughout Leinster. The cost of driving lessons varies by location but is typically €35 per lesson. 12 lessons are required, each lasting approximately 1 hour. Our driving instructors make it as easy as possible, often collecting you from home or school for your lessons and offering lesson times in the evenings and on weekends.

Who Needs EDT Driving Lessons?

EDT lessons are not required if your first learner permit was issued before 4 April 2011. All other learner drivers are required to complete the EDT program before taking their driving test. If you are a foreign driver looking to get an Irish drivers license, you may also be required to complete EDT depending on the country you are currently licensed to drive in. For more information visit the RSA website.


What To Expect From Your EDT Lessons

Preparation For Your First Lessonmock theory test, theory test online

Before beginning your lessons you will need to choose an instructor, pass your theory test, get your learner permit and book your first lesson. Then you can officially begin the process of learning how to drive.

You can find a driving instructor in your area here. Once you’ve found a Leinster School of Motoring Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), ask them for advice on how to prepare for the course of EDT lessons. They should let you know what lessons, practice and background reading you should do before starting the course. They can also tell you how to go about getting your learner permit. A learner permit is required before beginning your lessons. They can even offer practical tips such as what to bring with you when applying for your permit, where in your area you can get photos, etc.

At your first EDT lesson, and each lesson thereafter, your ADI will check your learner permit, and if you are using your own car, will check to make sure your insurance, motor tax, NCT and the road-worthiness of the vehicle are all in order.

Your ADI will give you a logbook with your name, address, date of birth and learner permit driver number. You should bring this logbook to each lesson and make sure all the appropriate sections are filled out after each lesson.

EDT Lessons Timeline

  • Lessons 1-8 must be taken in sequence, but lessons 9-12 may be taken in any order.

  • Each of the 12 lessons in EDT lasts about one hour.

  • We recommend that you leave at least two weeks between each EDT lesson to allow for further instruction, practice and learning.

  • The EDT course is best spread out over six months.

What Do The Lessons Cover?

Each of the EDT lessons has particular objectives. You should prepare for each lesson using the EDT Course Syllabus

The 12 lessons are titled:













You can read more about the lessons in the EDT Learner Driver Information Booklet and the Sample Learner Logbook.


What’s Next Once You’ve Completed Your EDT Driving Lessons?

Once you’ve successfully completed all 12 of your EDT driving lessons, you can begin preparing for your driving test. We offer a range of learning and study resources to help, including instructional videos. Check out our driving test study centre for tips on how to pass the driving test. When you’re ready, you’ll need to secure a Sponsor, book your test, and get all documentation in order.

What’s a Sponsor?

You will need to choose an experienced driver in Ireland to assist you as your learn to drive. This driver will accompany you in the car as you practice the skills taught in your EDT lessons by your instructor. Ideally, the sponsor you choose should be patient and encouraging, have a strong knowledge and appreciation for the rules of the road, and always practice road safety. They will not be responsible for instructing you, but will reinforce the instruction you receive from your ADI with regular practice runs. The time you spend driving with your sponsor will go a long way in building your confidence and preparing you for many years of safe driving. You and your sponsor can learn more about what this role entails at the RSA website here.

Booking Your Driving TestPassing Driving Test

Once you’ve had your learning permit for 6 months and have successfully completed all 12 EDT lessons, you can move forward with your driving test. The RSA makes it very easy to book your driving test online. However, they frequently experience a high volume of applications, so booking well in advance is recommended and often necessary. Before booking your test, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Verify that you are eligible to sit your test—6 month rule.

  • Make sure you have taken the lessons mandatory for certain motorcyclists (IBT) or car drivers (EDT).

  • Know your current, valid driver number.

  • Know your PPS number—this can be found on tax documents or your pay slip and it is often on correspondence from a social welfare or tax office.

  • You must have a valid debit, laser or credit card (Visa and Mastercard are currently accepted).

If you can satisfy all of the above, you can Book Your Driving Test Online Here. 

Taking Your Driving Test

For many new drivers, the driving test is a much feared right of passage. But the pass rate of our instructors is very high at 98%! With adequate preparation, you have a very strong chance of passing your test the first time.

On the day of your test, you must arrive early with your learner permit, logbook, and an insured and roadworthy car. The driving test lasts for 40 minutes and includes:

  • Questions on the Rules of the Road (including identifying road signs)

  • Demonstrating hand signals

  • Reversing round a corner

  • A U-turn in the road

  • A hill start

  • Driving approximately five miles in a variety of road and traffic conditions

You can learn more about your driving test and what it will cover here.



EDT Driving Lessons 29th February 2016

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