How To Do a 3 Point Turn or Turnabout With Video Tutorial

The 3 point turn can be intimidating for new drivers, but with a little practice they’re actually quite simple. In this video, our driving instructor shows how to do a 3 point turn (or “turnabout”) correctly for your drivers exam.


  • Once parked engage reverse
  • Observe all around
  • Reverse within 18 inches of the kerb while remaining

Detailed Instructions: How To Do a Three Point Turn

This is an acceptable way to complete a turnabout, performed by our Gorey driving instructor, Fergal O’Connor. To begin, select first gear. Check all mirrors, then look behind you over both shoulders. If traffic is not approaching, you may indicate right. Get your clutch bite and then release your handbrake.

Steer to a full lock, but only when the care is moving. Slowly cross the road and stop the car within advance of the curb. Pull up your handbrake and select the reverse gear. Observe all around you and give way to approaching road users.

Get your clutch bite, then release the handbrake. Reverse slowly back and steer the wheel briskly to the left. You must stop in advance of the curb. Pull up the handbrake, select first gear, while observing and giving way to approaching traffic.

Get your clutch bite, and release your handbrake, and begin driving slowly while steering briskly to your right. You may continue driving away unless asked to pull in by the driving tester.


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