EDT Driving Lessons from ADI Driving Instructors

The EDT Training Course of Driving Lessons is now Mandatory by Law.
If you got your learner permit after the 4th April 2011 then it is mandatory that you complete the 12 EDT Lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Its the law and you cant apply for your Driving Test until all 12 EDT Modules are successfully completed.

All Leinster School of Motoring Instructors are Approved by the Road Safety Authority to deliver the Full EDT Course of Driving Lessons . We give  Car Lessons, Jeep and Trailer Lessons and Automatic Car Lessons and More.

What are EDT Driving Lessons?

These are a set of structured lessons that we will take you through at a pace that suits the student. Along with these lessons we will advise you on what practice you need between lessons. At the end of the program and with the proper preparation you will be well on your way to Passing Your Driving Test.

Please note the RSA will not issue a test date until the 12 lessons have been completed and you hold your learner permit for at least 6 months.

***We offer driving lessons in both manual and automatic cars. Please remember if you pass you driving test in an automatic car you are only licensed to drive an automatic car. If you pass your test in a manual car you are licensed to drive both manual and automatic.***

EDT Driver Training Course is made up of 12 Driving Lesson Modules.

  • EDT Module 1. Car controls and safety checks
  • EDT Module 2. Correct positioning
  • EDT Module 3. Changing direction
  • EDT Module 4 Progression management
  • EDT Module 5. Correct positioning
  • EDT Module 6. Anticipation and reaction
  • EDT Module 7. Sharing the road
  • EDT Module  8. Driving safely through traffic
  • EDT Module 9. Changing direction (more complex situations)
  • EDT Module  10. Speed management
  • EDT Module 11. Driving calmly
  • EDT Module 12. Night driving.

Each Module needs a minimum of 1 Hour to complete but if a student needs longer to master skills such as roundabouts or night driving then it may require additional lessons to complete that EDT Module.

Prerequisite to EDT Driver Training Program.

The EDT Course assumes that Students have a basic knowledge or ability before they start the formal EDT Course. You should speak to your Driving Instructor to see what’s if you can start EDT Immediately or if you need to do extra activities eg more practice, a beginners lesson or if your ready to go!

EDT Logbook? What is it?

When you start your first EDT lesson, you will be given an official logbook by your ADI Driving Instructor to record the details of your training and progress, as well as necessary preparation for your next lessons.


When you complete an EDT lesson, your Driving Instructor will stamp the relevant section of your logbook and record some feedback on how well or whether you met the lesson objectives. To meet the lesson objectives you must prepare properly, practice with a Sponsor and you may need to take additional instruction.

An ADI can only sign the lessons they have given, so be sure to get your logbook updated by your ADI after each lesson. If you change ADIs, your new ADI will not be able to fill out your logbook for lessons you have already taken.

The logbook also provides space for both you and your Sponsor to assess your performance in your EDT lessons. This evaluation will help you understand what you need to practice to become a safer driver and how best to prepare for your next lesson.

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