How to Execute a Hill Start

Do hill starts intimidate you? Don’t worry- most new drivers are nervous when starting on an incline. In this video, our Wicklow based driving instructor, Declan O’Brien, demonstrates the proper way to execute a hill start for your driving test.

4 Steps for the Perfect Hill Start:

  1. To Begin – Make sure handbrake is applied firmly
  2. Check Mirrors, indicate & check blind spots
  3. Engage clutch bite and release handbrake to move forwards
  4. Cancel indicator after moving off.


Still Uneasy?

Learning the hill start first hand from an experienced and calm instructor can make all the difference. When our instructors begin working with a new driver, this is often one of the lessons that is most feared. But after some basic instruction, demonstration, and guided practice the student is more at ease and finds that hill starts are nothing to fear!

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